Power of People

 - Episode 9

Soft skills side of technology

Chris Snyder

Episode Summary:

As the tech industry has grown tremendously, technology is central to how we live these days. It has contributed to society and to humanity. This BetterTech episode features Chris Snyder, Director of IT Operations- Americas at Veeam Software to talk about the soft skills side of technology. Chris talks about how technology and tech leaders influence the business environment and the learnings from these technologies that contribute to the advancement of society.

Show Notes:

1. Pandemic affected the mindsets of leaders tremendously. Implementation of technology was slow before, but in 2020 it worked. Technology supported the business needs and provided them with a handful of resources to continue their day to day operations.

2. Technology has added an upgrade to the notion ‘modern problems require modern solutions’. Modern technology has been solving so many modern problems. You can be sitting at a place and get the solution to your problem, that’s revolutionary.

3. One of the greatest tech trends in the coming years would be AI and its implementation. It’s allowing computers to learn our behaviour patterns so that they can protect us, monetize our decisions etc. With Big Data and AI, a whole lot of new technologies are coming out.

3. You need to have the understanding that technology is about empowering lives and bridging the gaps, to contribute to society and the world.

This episode is hosted by Roshan Javaid, Digital Marketing Executive, Tkxel.

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