Startup Series

 - Episode 31

Navigating the tech ladder: Strategies for scaling your startup

Pankaj Dhingra, CTO

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech episode, host Jocelyn Houle discusses strategies for scaling and evolving technology in startups with our guest Pankaj Dhingra, CTO at Lighthouse Global. Pankaj imparts insights from his vast experience, discussing the incorporation of AI in legal tech and emphasizing the need for customer-focused product development. The conversation offers practical advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders on navigating startup growth phases and leveraging new technologies effectively.

Show Notes:

1. Pankaj Dhingra details his journey in technology and startups, highlighting how his extensive experience shapes his current role at Lighthouse Global and his strategies for scaling businesses.

2. A comprehensive exploration of Lighthouse Global’s innovative strategies for scaling in using AI in legal technology, focusing on the advancements and efficiencies brought about by AI-enabled e-discovery and review solutions.

3. The episode delves into the strategic incorporation of generative AI into products and services, underscoring the necessity of aligning new technological advancements with genuine customer needs to create distinct and valuable offerings.

4. Insights into the critical strategies for scaling during the transition of startups evolving into established companies, with an emphasis on the founder’s role in delegation, operational stability, security, and compliance.

5. The conversation sheds light on the significant impact of generative AI in automating labor-intensive tasks within the legal sector, illustrating the time and resource savings for law firms and large enterprises.

This episode is hosted by Jocelyn Houle, Host, BetterTech.

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