Tech Trends

 - Episode 26

The central role of APIs in digital transformation

Claudio Bartolini

Episode Summary:

Digital transformation is increasingly propelled by rapidly changing user expectations. APIs have become a standardised machine-readable mechanism for connecting partners, meaning APIs are becoming products in their own right. In this BetterTech episode, we connected with Claudio Bartolini, Chief technologist, software architect, Equinix Fellow, to get his perspective on APIs’ role and how APIs enable change for large enterprises.

Show Notes:

1. API is first thought of as the usage of applications and the source of leading digital transformation. API lets the engineering team scale, each team creates systems that further communicate with each other by exposing service interfaces, and all the communication goes through this.

2. The ability of companies to look at their API’s as the primary product they produce and putting together some of these to create functionalities and support new cases has been incredibly effective in digitally transforming the companies.

3. API as a product is the idea of looking at the interface from the outside in, looking at the product itself that you are creating. Mediation architecture bridges the gap between internal and external worlds. It consists of a layer where some of the endpoints get exposed externally.

4. Except for CTO’s and CIO’s, CPO’s play an essential role from transforming and looking at the engineering side of the company to how the whole API looks. CPO’s bring it all together and are an integral part of this digital transformation.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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