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 - Episode 15

The evolution of AI governance and trust

Harry Xu, CEO & Co-Founder

Episode Summary:

In the BetterTech podcast episode “The Evolution of AI Governance and Trust,” host Peggy Tsai converses with Harry Xu, CEO of BreezeML, focusing on the critical importance of AI governance. The discussion emphasizes BreezeML’s commitment to embedding observability and trust into AI operations, addressing the challenges of aligning technology development with compliance requirements. They explore the significance of automation in governance amidst changing AI regulations and highlight the unique challenges faced by industries like insurance and financial services in adopting ethical AI practices. The episode positions BreezeML as an essential provider of adaptable governance solutions in the evolving landscape of AI governance and trust.

Show Notes:

1. Harry Xu, CEO of BreezeML, emphasizes the importance of integrating observability and trustworthiness into AI pipelines, outlining BreezeML’s mission to make AI governance accessible and efficient for all businesses.

2. Harry highlights the barriers small businesses face in implementing AI governance frameworks, underlining the need for solutions that are not only effective but also affordable and easy to integrate.

3. The conversation delves into how BreezeML leverages automation to bridge the gap between compliance officers and tech developers, ensuring AI systems are developed responsibly and in compliance with regulations.

4. Harry discusses the urgent need for robust AI governance in sectors like insurance and financial services, where AI’s decision-making processes are critical and closely scrutinized for biases and compliance with laws.

5. Looking ahead, Harry shares insights on the evolving landscape of AI trust and governance, stressing the importance of flexibility in governance systems to adapt to new regulations and ensure trust in AI technologies across industries.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host, BetterTech.

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