Tech Trends

 - Episode 22

The future of cyber defense

Steve White

Episode Summary:

Cybersecurity is still a relatively new part of IT and has changed dramatically in recent years as it has been recognized as a separate discipline within IT security. This BetterTech episode features Steve White, CISO, Oracle. Steve will be talking about current trends like shifts towards cloud native solutions and cybersecurity in particular. We’ll have some insights into how the security industry has changed over the time and what cyber security in future years might look like.

Show Notes:

1. Shift towards cloud native solutions, building security and making security challenges visible earlier for the teams are the new security trends. These are coming together for the organisations to focus on providing faster yet more secure products and services. These two were not compatible in the past and have made us think and implement the technology in new ways.

2. In order to bake security into the process from the start, companies need to understand their culture, as security programs are culturally relevant. Involve developers in the security baking process for the conversations and decision making. Incrementally improve the environment and move forward.

3. Developing security upfront in an early cycle are not only cost effective but these help the organisations to be proactive as well. Figure out what your risk posture needs to be and help the organisation to achieve that risk posture. Revisit those security patterns regularly.

4. Cloud providers provide the security layers that only a few companies can offer. But this comes with a cost of playing your part. Cloud buys your way into the world class level of security which is very expensive for the companies to build & gives you tools to assess how you are performing in securing your systems and performing universally.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, Tkxel.

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