Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 8

The future of HCI & HRI

Irvin Cardenas

Episode Summary:

It’s no surprise that virtual reality has opened new doors. To explore how the virtual world has evolved and how robotics come into the mix, we are joined by Irvin Cardenas in this BetterTech episode, Research Scientist at Kent Ohio State University. Irvin elaborates on the interlink between human computer interaction and human robot interaction (HCI and HRI) – two areas intriguing tech enthusiasts today.

Show Notes:

1. Human computer interaction is a multidisciplinary field that is focused on the design of computer technology and its interaction with humans. Human robot interaction on the other hand does not consider the design and user experience of a web application but instead it considers that of a robot.

2. The convergence between the two lies in the study of human interaction and human psychology.

3. We don’t see the real world use of augmented reality to visualize data yet as developing a technology takes time and virtual reality experiences an increased interest as the future of social media.

4. People are leaning more towards employing telepresence. This would involve understanding how a robot would interact in a remote world.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager at Tkxel.

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