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Smart Cities

 - Episode 7

The keys to your digital transformation journey

Antonio Grasso

Episode Summary:

To ensure your business does not miss the mark on a Digital Transformation strategy, this BetterTech episode features Antonio Grasso, Founder & CEO Digital Business Innovation Srl. The episode explores the top keys for a successful digital transformation journey.

Show Notes:

1. Digitization does not equal digital transformation. Digital transformation is when business processes are automated that changes the relationship between individuals, organizations and society at large.

2. The role of technology is changing inside the core business model of a company.

3. People and their interaction with technology form a core part of a company’s digital transformation strategy.

4. Companies need to use AI to analyze how they can better employ automation and look for ways to integrate Robotic Process Automation in their operations.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, Director Innovation & Technology Tkxel.

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