- Episode 09

AI in software development: Balancing AI & human expertise in coding

Jimmy Mesta, CTO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Better Tech, we delve into the fascinating world of AI in software development and security with our guest, Jimmy Mesta, co-founder and CTO of KSOC, a software security company specializing in cloud-native security, detection, and response. Jimmy shares his insights on how AI is transforming the software development process and enhancing security practices. Join us as we explore the possibilities, challenges, and the future of AI in the tech industry.

Show Notes:

1. AI serves as a powerful assistant in software development, increasing efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing starting templates.AI has the potential to assist in various phases of software development, including requirements definition, but security considerations are paramount.

3. Jimmy highlights how AI, particularly co-pilot tools, boosts developer productivity by automating repetitive tasks and generating code efficiently.

4. While AI can improve developer efficiency, there’s a need to be cautious about the security of auto-generated code, especially in security-focused organizations.

5. The future of AI in software development looks promising, but trust-building is crucial, and security concerns must be addressed as AI continues to expand its presence across industries.

6. Jimmy shares his insights on AI’s role as a supercharged assistant and its promise in automating tasks, providing templates, and assisting in complex operations.

7. The conversation touches on how AI is gaining trust across various industries, but the challenges of security and data protection remain significant concerns.

This episode is hosted by Yasir Rizwan Saqib, CTO, tkxel.

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