Tech Trends

 - Episode 37

The need for time-series data

Michael Freedman

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech Podcast, Catch Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation and Technology, Tkxel in conversation with Michael Freedman, CTO Timescale. Timescale is a scalable SQL for time-series data, empowering everyone to analyze the past, monitor the present and predict the future. 

Michael talks about how Timescale is addressing the need for time-series databases. He further talks about the largest challenges and opportunities in databases for years to come: helping developers, businesses, and society makes sense of the data that humans and their machines are generating in copious amounts. 

Show Notes:

1. Time series data is at the core of the Internet of Things, monitoring systems and many other solutions focused on frequently changing data. It can be used in various industrial IoT use cases across smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, healthcare, products analytics, DevOps monitoring or the financial information sector.

2. The biggest difference between TimescaleDB and other popular time series databases is the support for SQL. Moreover, if the application is already using PostgreSQL, there are no changes needed to the client code.

3. All companies are becoming partially data or digitally driven and part of that journey is that they are collecting data to understand it. These data results are then used to incorporate into customer experience etc. 

4.  Timescale is a fully managed experience that simplifies application development with large amounts of capabilities that are built-in and simplifies the operational efficiencies as well that a modern DevOps or DBOps team wants. 

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation & Technology, Tkxel.

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