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 - Episode 13

The transformative power of AI and ML in business

Jonathan Reilly, Founder & Co-CEO

Episode Summary:

Exploring “The Transformative Power of AI and ML in Business,” host Colin Fitzpatrick talks with Jonathan Reilly, Founder & Co-CEO of Akkio, in this episode of BetterTech. They discuss Akkio’s role in simplifying ML for businesses, the impact of AI in various business sectors, and future trends in AI and software development. This conversation offers insights into how AI and ML are reshaping business strategies and operations.

Show Notes:

1. Jonathan Reilly shares his journey from an electrical engineering background to co-founding Akkio, emphasizing the role of his experiences in shaping his approach to AI and ML in business.

2. An in-depth look at Akkio’s role in making Machine Learning more accessible for businesses, focusing on decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

3. A discussion on the transformative impact of AI and ML across various business sectors, particularly in sales, marketing, and data analytics.

4. Exploring future trends in AI and software development, including the potential for more intuitive user interactions with AI systems and their integration into everyday business tools.

5. The episode offers insights into the significance of AI and ML as pivotal tools for strategic business innovation and development in the modern digital era.

This episode is hosted by Colin Fitzpatrick, Host, BetterTech.

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