Tech Trends

 - Episode 11

Using AI to better understand COVID-19

Yonah Welker

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech episode, Yonah Welker, tech influencer in AI and member of World Economic Forum’s Expert Network talks about how AI is currently being deployed to help fight the COVID-19 global pandemic and how it can help to identify the next wave of coronavirus. Yonah sheds light on how AI can help in providing real-time insights and open-source information; that can assist healthcare institutions.

Show Notes:

1. Artificial intelligence helps in consolidating healthcare analytics, drug research & design that enable companies to come up with more accurate predictions.

2. Collaborative Artificial intelligence can make Machine Learning open-sourced during such pandemics in order to help data scientists across the globe to gather country-specific insights about the crisis at hand.

3. AI can help us gather real-time information very quickly that can be shared with healthcare institutions and professionals to enable them to test solutions for the future.

4. It holds immense potential in mitigating panic via open-source education and learning. AI can help make our efforts more efficient by providing personalized information and instructions about nearby healthcare facilities, medication and measures to take.

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