Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 7

What’s natural about interfacing with XR?

Suzan Oslin

Episode Summary:

Immersive experiences are a new reality. Suzan Oslin, Experience Director for UXXR at Impact Immersive LLC, explores what’s natural about interacting with UXXR. Extended reality is posing new design challenges and is also revolutionizing how we view connections and interactions. In this BetterTech episode, Suzan also explores things to consider when designing for UXXR.

Show Notes:

1. Having a natural interface for VR, UXXR is the foremost design principle to consider.

2. Designing for 3D space requires additional safety measures to be taken to make the space clear for an immersive reality.

3. The use of sensors in the data world helps to make accessibility more natural for people with disabilities especially.

4. It’s a mistake to try and recreate reality but to find a natural way to interact with it is the way of the future.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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