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Smart Cities

 - Episode 3

Why Blockchain is the solution to Cybersecurity

Misha Hanin

Episode Summary:

This BetterTech episode features Misha Hanin, CEO and Co-Founder DeepDive.Tech to tell us more about how Blockchain serves as a good solution to cybersecurity problems. He explores how the technology has evolved over the last decade and what are some of the areas the technology is being employed in.

Show Notes:

1. Cryptocurrency is just one use case of Blockchain technology.

2. Blockchain should be used as a decentralized storage solution to store encrypted data on the technology itself.

3. Blockchain is secure and is ideal for enterprises to employ because they want to ensure transaction transparency – that Blockchain helps with.

4. Blockchain adds more layers on the cybersecurity front and with novel cyberattacks in the face of COVID-19, companies need to leverage Blockchain as much as possible to gear up on their security.

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