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Tech Trends

 - Episode 24

Women are the future of tech

Adela Jamal

Episode Summary:

Among major industries, information technology is last at integrating women into leadership roles, senior management, and even middle management positions. In today’s BetterTech episode Adela Jamal, Executive Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment, will be talking about how innovation in technology and various tools have facilitated women empowerment. What are the initiatives to ensure that women and diverse groups are supported in the workplace and to ensure transparency, accountability and equality across the organization.

Show Notes:

1. Diversity is impacting the bottom line of companies and the workforces. There is a massive shift across the globe that requires diverse teams to come together to work. It also requires the companies to be more transparent  in order to connect globally because diversity is the future.

2. There are always invisible barriers and glass ceilings specially for women pursuing careers in business. Despite the challenges, we need to have strong people at the top, allies to support, to make a difference in the society and for women to continue to succeed.

3. Different technologies are allowing remote working. Tools like Zoom, Slack and Teams etc have empowered the women in the workforce to connect to their organizations while being able to be at home and being a caregiver.

4. Technologies are addressing biases in the workplace, when it comes to understanding that, organizations know the teams who are performing well instead of those who aren’t. That is why the future workforce won’t be conventional. It would be an inclusive, flexible, diverse workforce and very much focused on information technology.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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