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The Business Truth

 - Episode 20

Zero trust in action – Building a secure IT ecosystem

Shane Franklin, CISO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of BetterTech, our host Peggy Tsai welcomes Shane Franklin, the CISO and Vice President of Infrastructure and IT at Conductor, to discuss the critical aspects of building a secure IT ecosystem. They delve into the latest trends in IT and security, emphasizing the importance of adapting to the evolving technological landscape. 

Shane shares insights on the impact of AI, remote work challenges, and the exponential growth of sensitive data. The conversation also touches on key security considerations for organizations adopting cloud services, the significance of zero trust models, and strategies to mitigate cybersecurity threats and data breaches.

Show Notes:

1. Shane provides an overview of Conductor’s role in marketing and its focus on using content as a force for good, highlighting the increasing integration of AI and machine learning into applications.

2. The challenges and opportunities associated with remote work. The explosion of data, particularly sensitive data, becomes a focal point, emphasizing the need for proper understanding, segmentation, and classification.

3. The conversation delves into the challenges of data sharing, privacy policies, and protecting both customer and employee data.

4. They discuss the shift to multi-cloud environments, emphasizing the importance of strong network connectivity and policy scoping.

5. The rise of cyber squatting and domain copycatting is highlighted as a new threat, exploiting the job-seeking population.

6. Shane emphasizes the continued effectiveness of phishing campaigns and the interconnected dependencies between systems, necessitating vigilant patching.

7. Shane discusses the collaborative approach within organizations, involving the entire C-suite to ensure the right security decisions are made. The importance of partnerships and internal collaboration in implementing security policies is underscored.

8. The importance of a zero-trust model is emphasized, focusing on a holistic strategy, quick implementations, and continuous visibility.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host, BetterTech.

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