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The Business Truth

 - Episode 22

Zero Trust Security Model in IAM

Craig Riddell, CISO

Episode Summary:

In a recent BetterTech podcast episode, host Colin McCarthy explores the Zero Trust Security Model in Identity and Access Management (IAM) with guest Craig Riddell, CISO at Netwrix Corporation. Craig shares insights on the evolution of IAM, emphasizing the significance of the zero trust model, multi-factor authentication, and the role of machine learning in enhancing security measures. The discussion offers a deep dive into the challenges and advancements in IAM, providing valuable perspectives for those looking to strengthen their organization’s security posture in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Show Notes:

1. Craig Riddell shares his extensive background in Identity and Access Management (IAM), from his early career experiences to his role as CISO at Netwrix Corporation, providing a foundation for the discussion on Zero Trust and IAM.

2. An in-depth look at the evolution of the Zero Trust Security Model in IAM, emphasizing the shift towards more robust security measures such as sophisticated multifactor authentication and the principle of “trust but verify.”

3. The episode explores the critical role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in enhancing IAM processes, highlighting the future direction of security technologies and their impact on Zero Trust principles.

4. Insights into the challenges of privilege access management (PAM) and the importance of ephemeral access and continuous verification in mitigating security risks, especially in the context of dynamic cloud environments.

5. A discussion on the implications of cloud migrations for IAM security, stressing the need for cloud-agnostic strategies and the ongoing evolution of security practices to ensure comprehensive protection across diverse technological landscapes.

This episode is hosted by Colin McCarthy, Host, BetterTech

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